At EmpathyWell, we strive to build relationships with our community by offering support in the areas of socioemotional development and mental health for students, parents, teachers, and other community members. Please see below for possible presentation topics. Custom presentations, workshops, and developmental experiences are available upon request.

Possible Presentation Topics for Parents, School Personnel, and Other Providers:

  • Addiction and the Effects on the Family Unit
  • Building Teacher-Student Relationships Through Play*
  • But What Can WE Do? — Ways to Support Your Child’s Therapy at Home
  • Creating Connections Instead of Forcing Correction
  • Fostering the Crucial Cs: Helping Children to Feel Capable, Connected, Courageous, and Like They Count!
  • Improving the Lines of Communication with Your Adolescent/Teen
  • Is This Normal?! — Development of Children Ages 3-10
  • Parenting Tools for a Stronger Relationship with Your Child
  • Raising Responsible Children and Teens in a World with Many Influences
  • Serving the Whole Child: Partnering with Speech and Occupational Therapists

*Customized Child-Teacher Relationship Training program is also available for preschools and elementary schools upon request. Please contact us for more details

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