At EmpathyWell, we understand how important it is to maintain connections with other professionals in the field, and we seek consultation with colleagues often! Clinical consultation with other professionals can strengthen our clinical skills, keep us up to date with current trends and research, and, most importantly, improve the quality of our services for clients.

Clinical consultation may occur either on a regular or as-needed basis depending on the needs of the consultee. Typically, clinical consultation may be beneficial for professionals who have received necessary training in a particular area and are either looking for support with a particular case or wanting to strengthen their skills overall in a particular area.

We provide clinical consultation services in many areas for licensed mental health professionals and play therapists. In addition to play therapy clinical case consultation, possible topics for consultation may be:

  • Treatment planning in play therapy
  • Parent consultations in play therapy
  • Implementing assessment in play therapy services
  • Play themes in play therapy
  • Research in play therapy
  • Supervision in counseling or play therapy

Wondering if clinical consultation is right for you? Please contact us to speak with one of our counselors.

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