The full evaluation process typically includes the following:

  • Initial Intake Session
  • Clinical Interview (with parents/guardians)
  • Testing with Child (1-2 days)
  • Feedback Session
  • Comprehensive Written Report (includes results, diagnostic impressions, summary of findings, and recommendations)

Initial Intake Session (with parents/guardians only)

To get started, give us a call at (972) 498-1307 or complete the form on the Contact Us page to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss services and schedule an intake session. At this intake session, you and your counselor will review completed paperwork, discuss goals and expectations of the evaluation process, and schedule follow-up appointments for the Clinical Interview, Testing, and Feedback Session.

Clinical Interview (with parents/guardians only)

In this 2-hour appointment with parents/guardians, the counselor will ask a variety of questions to gain a comprehensive history of your child’s development and parents’ specific goals for the evaluation. Please bring the following documents to the Clinical Interview appointment if you have not already provided them electronically:

Copies of all relevant records from your child’s history including but not limited to the following:

  • ARD documents from your child’s school;
  • Treatment summaries from counseling services;
  • Previous evaluation results from other mental health, occupational therapy, or speech therapy services;
  • Report cards with relevant comments from teachers, etc.
  • List of any medications and dosages your child is currently taking
  • Copy of entire divorce decree if parents are divorced

Before Assessment Day

Many parents ask how to talk to their child about the assessment. It’s always helpful to prepare your child in advance for the evaluation to minimize their stress, particularly by telling your child exactly what they can expect on the day(s) of the assessment. For example, you could say something like: “On Tuesday you will be meeting with Dr. Chelsea. You will do a lot of different things with her, like answering questions and doing different activities. Some of the activities may feel like school! You’ll be doing puzzles, drawing, reading, and maybe even some math. All kids learn in different ways, and the things you do with Dr. Chelsea will help us all understand how you learn best to try and make things easier for you.” One more tip! Try to avoid using the word “testing” with your child as this may increase their anxiety.

Assessment Day

The length of the testing appointment(s) varies based on the child’s individualized needs and the goals of the evaluation. Some children complete the evaluation in one 4-hour appointment, whereas others do best with two days of 3-hour appointments. You and your counselor will determine in advance how many appointments may be necessary.

Please bring a few healthy snacks, a water bottle, and a lunch for your child on the day of testing (depending on the time of the appointment). Depending on your child’s needs, it may also be helpful for them to choose a comfort item or favorite toy to bring with them into the building to play with during breaks.

Feedback Session

In this 1.5-hour feedback session, parents/guardians and the counselor will review all scores from the evaluation, the counselor’s impressions from the findings, and initial recommendations for home and school. You and your counselor will discuss the findings and how they fit with your understanding of your child’s experience. This discussion helps to inform final interpretation of results, diagnostic impressions, summary of findings, and recommendations.

Depending on your child’s age and individualized needs, an additional feedback session with your child may be scheduled to provide them with the opportunity to learn about their strengths and needs directly from the counselor in a therapeutic environment.

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